The Gift Of Illness

Discovering the gift of illness to find healing and freedom.

What if illness takes over your life? Do we dare to reflect and look deeper into its cause? In this documentary, filmmaker Casper Boom explores how people, like himself, who were confronted with illness found physical healing by investigating their inner state. He takes you on a journey to discover how trauma shapes us, explore its effect on the body and how to free yourself of it, so healing can happen naturally from within. He speaks with different people who not only have found healing from illnesses that are known as incurable, but also experienced illness as a wake-up call to open them up to a fuller life. Discover how to decipher the message your body is sending, so you can find the gift of illness for yourself.



With the donation the documentary/campaign can realized. All to discover and share insights into how we can grow and find (physical) healing from illness.

You can get insights into questions such as, how can I connect to my self-healing powers? How do we deal mentally and emotionally with the challenges we can face with illness? How can I take responsibility for my illness to find healing? Are chronic illnesses curable? So you may find more clarity on your path to healing.

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