The Gift Of Illness


In these short documentaries people share their insight and the gift of illness they received with the healing of disease. The short documentaries will lead to a long length documentary.

Detox from Eczema Cream | A Revelation to more Happiness

When Jenny decided she wanted to detox from eczema cream, which she had been using her whole life, a intens healing journey started to unfold. Detoxing sounded simple though finding healing for the eczema was not easy, along the way she discovered her body had a almost leaking gut syndrome aswell. Confronted by the pain and discomfort from her illness she met a inner struggle, which made her seek guidance. Through insight given by a energetic coach into her being and her ways of looking at her life and her disease she found peace from where her body could heal with more ease. Looking back Jenny has learned many great insights because of her illness, therefor she feels much gratitude for the adventure she has experienced.

The Gift of illness | Docu Impression

If our current methods of healing illness don’t work, do we dare to look deeper into the cause of our suffering? In this documentary-series, filmmaker Casper Boom portraits people who, like himself, have found a cure for their suffering/illnesses through in-depth self-examination. What at first seems like an impossible, miraculous healing, is for them a logical consequence of examining their beliefs and behavior patterns. By discovering and changing their destructive behavior, their bodies were able to heal themselves. The disease process has completely changed them and opened a door to feel freer, more powerful and richer than before their illness.